Key Features:

  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Engine Power 125HP @ 2200 rpm
  • Laying Capacity 300 TPH
  • Hopper Capacity 4.25 CM
  • Paving Width 2.5 mtr to 5.5 mtr
  • Weight 14,300 kg
  • Four Wheels on Rear Axle
  • MOBA (Germany) Make Electronic Sensor
  • Double Operator Seats

HI-055 is indigenously developed and the first wheel mounted hydrostatic paver finisher manufactured by HI-TECH. HI-055 has been gradually revived and upgraded looking over customer’s requirements.

HI-055 has combination of features like hydrostatic transmission, hydraulic drive for conveyor, 4 nos. rear wheels on equalizer beam, sliding type control panel, dual operator seats, hydraulically extendable screed with tamping, vibration and heating facility, and MOBA (Germany) make sensor device for automatic slope & grade control.

In HI-055’s Equalizer Beam feature, the two pairs of wheels are connected with the chassis by means of a pivoted joint, which allows the wheel pair to oscillate independent of each other and the wheels do not loose contact with ground when the surface is uneven. The Equalizer Beam feature averages the unevenness of the ground and provides better finish while paving. It also distributes loads on all the wheels which provides better grip on the ground.

HI-055 has basic screed width of 2.5 meters and it is hydraulically extendable up to 4.5 meters and it can be further extended through bolt on extension up to 5.5 meters.

There are two optional features available for HI-055.

  • Material Suitability
    1. Bituminous Material
    2. Bituminous, Wet Mix, GSB, DLC & DBM Material
  • Bolt on extensions up to 6.0 meters