Plant Service

Our Asphalt plants are manufactured using latest technology. We offer qualitative range of Asphalt Plant. This machine can be broadly used in the road construction process. Tested and verified by quality experts on every stage assures the flawless Asphalt plants that satisfy every requirement of road development process. Considering the wide demand in the construction industry, our Asphalt plants comprises of lockable pipe jacks, digital water control system and much more to offer seamless results.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt Drum Mix plant are used to manufacture coated road stones, which includes Asphalt, concrete and macadam collectively known as blacktop. This plant is easy to operate and maintain. Engineered to give excellent output, this plant is continently mobile.

Wet Mix Plant

This wet mix plants are crafted to deal with the essential road development requirements. You can acquire an end product by homogenous mixture without segregation precise proportioning and blending of aggregates and additives.


  • Reliable performance.
  • Aggregate flow can be regulated
  • Easy to operate.
  • Economic and no-crane installation.
  • Portable production.
  • Independent working of all the components.


  • Suitable for remote locations
  • Install and operate approac
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to operate

  • Visually check the screen deck, cloth, springs, and movement
  • Check the guards at each drive (before start-up)
  • Check drive belts for tension (before start-up)
  • Check the drive chain oilers, oil level (before start-up)
  • Check trunnion bearings for wearing uneven wear patterns
  • Check tires for uneven wear patterns
  • Check pressure against uphill and downhill thrust rollers
  • Clean burner oil strainers
  • Check the guard, at hot conveyor drive (before start-up)
  • Check the drive tension, hot conveyor drive (before start-up)
  • Spray chain lubrication on chain
  • Check that heater is running
  • Check oil level in expansion tank
  • Grease (2-shots), bearings feeder pulley
  • Grease (2-shots), bearings collecting conveyor pulleys
  • Grease (2-shots), bearings gravity take-up pulleys
  • Grease (2-shots), bearings divert chute
  • Clean accumulated dust from motors and power panel if applicable
  • Check skirt board rubber for wear and adjust as needed

  • Grease (2-shots), bearings conveyor pulley
  • Grease (2-shots), bearings gravity take-up pulleys
  • Grease (2-shots), bearings divert chute
  • Physically check screen bolts tightness, and side plates for wear
  • Check weigh bridge for material obstructions
  • Check oil level, reducers (at ambient temp)
  • Grease (2-shots), bearings in each thrust roller
  • Check burner spin vanes for dust build-up, angle settings
  • Check the burner linkages, spin vanes, and valves
  • Grease (2-shots) inlet chute vibrator, high temp
  • Grease (2-shots) bearings, slinger pulley
  • Check thermocouples and infrared scanners for wear
  • Grease (2-shots) all hot conveyor shaft bearings
  • Grease (2-shots) all hopper gate bearings
  • Check the operation of the hopper bottom gate override system
  • Check safety gate operation
  • Check temp switches
  • Check oil level in expansion tank
  • Check emergency stop switch operation on all conveyors

  • Check emergency stop switch operation on all conveyors
  • Check burner oil tube and nozzle assembly for oil residue and clean if required
  • Check combustion and cup flights in drum
  • Check shell liners and flights for damage every 50,000 tons
  • Check drum seals for damage/wear and replace as needed
  • Clean build-up around hopper gates
  • Visually inspect hopper welds
  • Check hydraulic cylinder pins for wear
  • Check oil level in expansion tank
  • Change the oil in gear reducers
  • Visually inspect bin walls, and welds for wear

  • Change oil in gear reducers
  • Change oil in drive reducers
  • Re-grease input shaft seals if applicable
  • Check drum/dryer flights for wear and integrity
  • Measure trunnions for wear/uneven wear and check bearings for excessive play
  • Change the oil in the hot conveyor reducer
  • Re-grease input shaft seals in applicable, hot conveyor reducer
  • Clean and re-grease hot conveyor head and tail shaft bearings
  • Check all stairs, ladders, toe boards etc for integrity